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5 octubre 2010


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Adquisición fonológica en niños prematuros

Childhood speech apraxia in focus: theoretical perspectives and present tendencies

Clozapine and speech dysfluency: two case reports

Cochrane review of treatment for childhood apraxia of speech

Formant centralization ratio: a proposal for a new acoustic measure of dysarthric speech

Interaction in bilingual phonological acquisition evidence from phonetic inventories

Late childhood Stuttering

Methodological questions in studyng consonant acquisition

Predicting stuttering onset by the age of 3 years: a prospective, community cohort study

Speech fluency profile in Williams-Beuren syndrome: a preliminar study

Speech perception ability in individuals with Friedreich ataxia

Speech rate according to stuttering severity

Speech summer camp for treating articulation disorders in cleft palate patients

Stuttering: an overview

Strategie terapeutiche miste nel morso aperto anteriore. Parte prima: considerazioni exiopatogenetiche e logoterapeutiche

The effects of bilingualism of stuttering during late childhood

Therapy effectiveness for phonological disorders with different therapeutic approaches

Voice and speech of individuals with Parkinson´s disease during amplification, delay and masking situations

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