Salt, aldosterone and hypertension

Posted at — Mario Hernández Cueto — diciembre 17th, 2012 — 7:48 under Editorial

A manera de editorial. Los trabajos y opiniones que aquí se exponen son orientadores de lo que se publica en Cuba y en el mundo sobre aspectos relevantes de la hipertensión arterial.

Salt, aldosterone and hypertension

EditorialPor: E Pimenta, R D Gordon y M Stowasser.  Journal of Human Hypertension (2013) 27, 1–6.

Clinical studies have shown that aldosterone and salt are independently related to hypertension, cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. More recently, studies in humans have demonstrated that, similarly to animals, endogenous aldosterone and dietary salt intake have not only separate, but also combined effects to accelerate target-organ deterioration. The aldosterone–salt interaction has important clinical implications, because combined effects of both can be minimized, if not avoided, by reducing salt intake.  [publicada: 17 de diciembre 2012.]

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