Nuevo número de la revista International Journal of STD & AIDS

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International Journal of STD&AIDSThe Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd publicó el número 4 del volumen 23 correspondiente a abril del 2012, de la revista International Journal of STD & AIDS. Esta revista está disponible en Hinari a texto completo para los usuariuos de la red Estos son algunos de los artículos:

IV prevalence among men who have sex with men in New Zealand 1985–2009: 25 years of public health monitoring

Survey of lactation suppression in HIV-positive pregnant women

A survey of the sexual and reproductive health of HIV-positive women in Leicester

HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder: rate of referral for neurorehabilitation and psychiatric co-morbidity

Medical ward admissions among HIV-positive patients in Winnipeg, Canada, 2003–10

Successful therapeutic splenectomy in an HIV patient with relapsing visceral leishmaniasis

Shared care approach to managing ophthalmological disease in patients with positive treponemal serology: a case series

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