Artículos sobre VIH/sida publicados por SAGE

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Publicaciones SAGEEstos artículos están disponibles a texto completo para los usuarios de la red

The Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Women’s Condom Negotiation Efficacy. Holly Swan, Daniel J. O’Connell. J Interpers Violence March 2012 vol. 27 no. 4 775-792

Becoming visible, being heard? Community interpretations of first-person stories about living with HIV/AIDS in Quebec daily newspapers. Maria Nengeh Mensah, Thomas Haig. International Journal of Cultural Studies March 2012 vol. 15 no. 2 131-148

Are HIV patients undertreated? Cardiovascular risk factors in HIV: results of the HIV-HEART study. Nico Reinsch et al. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology April 2012 vol. 19 no. 2 267-274. Published online before print February 28, 2012

Rick Rowden, The Deadly Ideas of Neoliberalism: How the IMF has Undermined
Public Health and the Fight against AIDS
. David Baronov. International Sociology. 2012;  27(2): p. 211-213

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