Próximamente en línea el número 89 de “HIV This Week !”, boletín especial de ONUSIDA

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Tabla de contenido del nuevo número:

1.    Health systems and programme integration
·       Why, what, and how: an analytic framework for assessing integration

2.    Preventing mother-to-child (vertical) transmission
·       Kesho Bora: a better future for breastfeeding babies

3.    Sexual transmission: sexual behaviour
·       A historical analysis of sexual partnership concurrency in Uganda, Thailand, and the USA

4.    Dual-protection technologies: biomedical prevention tools
·       Women want multipurpose technologies: what is available now and what is coming soon?

5.    People who inject drugs: harm reduction
·       Convincing operational research findings on opioid substitution therapy in Manipur and Nagaland
·       How did China develop and scale up methadone maintenance to 680 clinics?

6.    Treatment
·       Where to start first in implementing the 2010 WHO HIV treatment guidelines in your country?
·       Viral suppression but no increase in CD4 count after starting treatment increases mortality risk

7.    Resources and financing
·       Public funding trends for integrated condom programming versus microbicides and vaccines

8.    Researcher-community partnerships
·       Monitoring changes as collaborative research relationships develop

9.    Epidemiology
·       Geospatial hotspots in Kwa-Zulu Natal: we need to hear women’s views to understand this
·       Everything you need to know about what we know about where HIV came from and where it is going to

10. National responses
·       Tremendous antiretroviral treatment scale-up in South Africa but treatment initiation rates have to increase even more

11. Monitoring and evaluation
·       3 sampling methods prove promising to monitor antiretroviral treatment programme outcomes
·       A baseline study reveals that much more needs to be done to protect the confidentiality and security of HIV information

12. Pre-exposure prophylaxis
·       Raltegravir and maraviroc protect humanized mice from vaginal HIV transmission

13. Gender
·       What do age at menstruation, age at sexual debut, and schooling have to do with each other in northern Malawi?

14. Basic science
·       Learn about tetherin and lipid rafts

15. Male circumcision
·       Tangible benefits for women when men get circumcised: decreased human papillomavirus infection and persistence

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