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International Journal of STD & AIDS es la revista oficial de la British Association for Sexual Health & HIV (BASHH) y la International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections (IUSTI). Tiene frecuencia mensual y es revisada por pares. Constituye un foro de orientación clínica para investigar y tratar las infecciones de transmisión sexual, VIH y sida, así como para promover actividades encaminadas a la investigación, prevención y control de estas infecciones. La revista contiene revisiones editoriales, artículos e investigaciones originales, comunicaciones cortas, reportes de casos, informes de auditoría y una columna de correspondencia animada, una sección de reseñas de libros, y noticias de las asociaciones de medicina genitourinaria. Está disponible para los usuarios de la red de salud cubana a través de Hinari.

El número 7, volumen 22, de julio del 2011 ofrece los siguientes títulos:


BASHH UK guideline for the management of epididymo-orchitis, 2010
E Street, A Joyce, J Wilson for Clinical Effectiveness Group, British Association for Sexual Health and HIV

Miscellaneous paper

Using patient experience to measure the quality of HIV care
L Land, E Hathorn, and J D C Ross

Original research articles

Coverage of highly active antiretroviral therapy among postpartum women in Malawi
J Kumwenda, F Matchere, R Mataya, S Chen, L Mipando, Q Li, N I Kumwenda, and T E Taha
Comparison of the Abbott m2000 HIV-1 Real-Time and Roche AMPLICOR Monitor v1.5 HIV-1 assays on plasma specimens from Rakai, Uganda
I Ssebugenyi, A Kizza, B Mpoza, G Aluma, I Boaz, K Newell, O Laeyendecker, J P Shott, D Serwadda, and S J Reynolds
Health-seeking behaviour of women selling sex in Lahore, Pakistan
M S Khan, M Unemo, S Zaman, and C Stålsby Lundborg
Knowledge of sexually transmissible infections: a comparison of prisoners and the general population
E Malacova, T Butler, J Richters, L Yap, L Grant, A Richards, A M A Smith, and B Donovan
Seroprevalence of herpes simplex virus 2 among Hispanics in the USA: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2007–2008
M Molina, R A Romaguera, J Valentine, and G Tao
Determinants of condom use among HIV-positive men who have sex with men
M Schutz, G Godin, G Kok, L-A Vézina-Im, H Naccache, J Otis, and the MAYA Study Group
Positive nucleic acid amplification tests for Neisseria gonorrhoeae in young people tested as part of the National Chlamydia Screening Programme
S Skidmore, S Copley, D Cordwell, D Donaldson, D Ritchie, and M Spraggon
Human papillomavirus vaccination uptake and factors related to uptake in a traditional desert city in the United Arab Emirates
N S Al-Nuaimi, Y S Al-Ghas, A H Al-Owais, M Grivna, J Schneider, N J Nagelkerke, and R M Bernsen

Audit reports

Vaccination against hepatitis B in an HIV outpatients’ department: an audit against national vaccination guidelines
H Williams, M A Bevan, C Y W Tong, and R Kulasegaram
Post-exposure prophylaxis following sexual exposure to HIV: a seven-year retrospective analysis in a regional centre
E J McCarty, S Quah, R Maw, W W Dinsmore, and C R Emerson

Case reports

Complete regression of early diffuse B-cell lymphoma in an HIV-positive patient on antiretroviral therapy alone
L Katsidzira, A Ramsay, R Makunike-Mutasa, and M Borok
Trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole-associated rhabdomyolysis in an HIV-infected patient
S P Jen and R Sharma
Implanon® failure in an HIV-positive woman on antiretroviral therapy resulting in two ectopic pregnancies
E J McCarty, H Keane, K Quinn, and S Quah

Letters to the Editors

Sexual health in prisons
T R Moss and A J Woodland
‘How to contain generalized HIV epidemics’ article misconstrues the evidence
R Wamai and B J Morris
Repeating a plea for better research and evidence
D Gisselquist, J J Potterat, J S St Lawrence, M Hogan, M Correa, W Dinsmore, and S Q Muth
The utility of a diagnostic skin biopsy clinic within the genitourinary medicine clinic
J Ashby, A Ahmed, M Walker, and D Wilkinson
Male genital skin biopsy
A Rao and C B Bunker
Response to Tipple et al: Is screening for pharyngeal Chlamydia trachomatis warranted in high-risk groups?
S J Winceslaus
Author’s reply
C Tipple

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