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Lunes 4 / febrero / 2013

Adiponectin and Hypertension in Normal-Weight and Obese Children

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Esta sección mostrará algunos trabajos que puedan ser útiles a nuestros facultativos por su interés práctico o teórico.

Adiponectin and Hypertension in Normal-Weight and Obese Children

ComentandoPor: Paolo Brambilla, Laura Antolini, Maria E. Street, Marco Giussani, Sara Galbiati, Maria Grazia Valsecchi, Andrea Stella, Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti, Sergio Bernasconi y Simonetta Genovesi.  Oxford Journals Medicine American Journal of Hypertension Volume 26, Issue 2, Pp. 257-264.

Adiponectin (AD) reduces the risk of hypertension because of its anti-inflammatory, antiatherogenic, and insulin-sensitizing properties. The study described here was done to evaluate the interrelationships of AD, blood pressure (BP), obesity, body-fat distribution, puberty, and insulin resistance in a selected group of children. In childhood, serum levels of AD are inversely related to hypertension. This relationship is partly independent of obesity, fat distribution, and insulin resistance. Low values of AD in both OB and NW children are associated with a higher probability of hypertension. [actualiazada: 4 de febrero de 2013]

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