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Revista: Journal of Human Hypertension

Can we identify response markers to antihypertensive drugs? First results from the IDEAL Trial

Por: F Gueyffier, F Subtil, T Bejan-Angoulvant, Y Zerbib, J P Baguet, J M Boivin10, A Mercier, G Leftheriotis1, J P Gagnol, J P Fauvel1, C Giraud, G Bricca, D Maucort-Boulch y  Erpeldinger for the IDEAL Trial Group.  Journal of Human Hypertension (2015) 29, 22–27.

The relation of potassium and sodium intakes to diet cost among US adults

Por: A Drewnowski, C D Rehm, M Maillot  y P Monsivais.  Journal of Human Hypertension (2015) 29, 14–21.

High–normal blood pressure is associated with new-onset electrocardiographic left ventricular hypertrophy

Por: H Ueda, M Miyawaki y H Hiraoka.   Journal of Human Hypertension (2015) 29, 9–13

Suitability of antiplatelet therapy in hypertensive patients.

Por: M J Martínez-Orozco, Z Perseguer-Torregrosa, V F Gil-Guillén, A Palazón-Bru, D Orozco-Beltran y C Carratalá-Munuera.  Journal of Human Hypertension (2015) 29, 40–45.

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