The Japanese Society of Hypertension Committee for Guidelines for the Management of Hypertension

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Estudios importantes sobre hipertension arterial de Cuba y el mundo

The Japanese Society of Hypertension Committee for Guidelines for the Management of Hypertension

EditorialPor: CHAIRPERSON: Kazuaki SHIMAMOTO (Sapporo Medical University)
WRITING COMMITTEE: Katsuyuki ANDO (University of Tokyo), Toshihiko ISHIMITSU (Dokkyo Medical University). Sadayoshi ITO (Tohoku University), Masaaki ITO (Mie University), Hiroshi ITOH (Keio University), Yutaka IMAI (Tohoku University), Tsutomu IMAIZUMI (Kurume University), Hiroshi IWAO (Osaka City University), Shinichiro UEDA (University of the Ryukyus), Makoto UCHIYAMA (Uonuma Kikan Hospital), Satoshi UMEMURA (Yokohama City University), Yusuke OHYA (University of the Ryukyus), Katsuhiko KOHARA (Ehime University), Hisashi KAI (Kurume University), Naoki KASHIHARA (Kawasaki Medical School), et al.  Hypertension Research (2014) 37, 254–255.


The Japanese Society of Hypertension revised the Japanese Society of Hypertension Guidelines for the Management of Hypertension in 2009 (JSH 2009) and published the JSH 2014. Basically, the JSH 2014 was prepared according to strategies to prepare the JSH 2009 and the ‘Guidance for the Preparation of Treatment Guidelines in 2007’ established by the Medical Information Network Distribution Service. In the ‘Introduction’ section, methods to prepare the JSH 2014 are introduced.

Chapter 1. Epidemiology of hypertension.

Chapter 2. Measurement and clinical evaluation of blood pressure

Chapter 3. Principles of treatment

Chapter 4. Lifestyle modifications

Chapter 5. Treatment with antihypertensive drugs
Chapter 6. Hypertension associated with organ damage

Chapter 7. Hypertension complicated by other diseases
Chapter 8. Hypertension in the elderly

Chapter 9. Dementia

Chapter 10. Hypertension in women

Chapter 11. Hypertension in children

Chapter 12. Hypertension under special conditions

Chapter 13. Secondary hypertension
List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

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