Artículos de la Revista American Journal of Hypertension (sobre la sal)

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En esta sección les exponemos algunos artículos publicados sobre la hipertensión arterial.

Articulos interesantes

De la Revista: American Journal of Hypertension (Sobre la sal)

The Salt Discourse in 2013

Por: Theodore A. Kotchen.   Am J Hypertens (2013) 26 (10), 1177.

Sodium Reduction Is a Public Health Priority: Reflections on the Institute of Medicine’s Report, Sodium Intake in Populations: Assessment of Evidence

Por: Janelle P. Gunn, Jessica L. Barron, Barbara A. Bowman, Robert K. Merritt, Mary E. Cogswell, Sonia Y. Angell, Ursula E. Bauer y Thomas R. Frieden.   Am J Hypertens (2013) 26 (10): 1178-1180.

Getting the Message Right: Reducing Sodium Intake Saves Lives

Por: Jenifer E. Clapp, Christine J. Curtis, Susan M. Kansagra y Thomas A. Farley.    Am J Hypertens (2013) 26 (10): 1181-1182.

Extreme Sodium Reductions for the Entire Population: Zealotry or Evidence Based?

Por: Andrew Mente, Martin J. O’Donnell y Salim Yusuf.   Am J Hypertens (2013) 26 (10): 1187-1190.

Flawed Evidence Should Not Derail Sound Policy: The Case Remains Strong for Population-Wide Sodium Reduction

Por: Lawrence J. Appel y Paul K. Whelton.    Am J Hypertens (2013) 26 (10): 1183-1186.

Sodium: How and How Not to Set a Nutrient Intake Recommendation

Por: Robert P. Heaney.   Am J Hypertens (2013) 26 (10): 1194-1197.

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