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nov 16 2012

Santiago de Cuba Overcomes Blackouts Caused by Hurricane

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 15 (Prensa Latina) Less than 10 percent of this province remains in the dark after the devastation of its power system caused by hurricane Sandy three weeks ago.

With the aid of the whole country, one of the worst consequences of the disaster has been left behind and hundreds of electrical workers helped reconstruct the system.

Almost 280 thousand consumers of the 323 thousand in the territory, are already receiving this service and appreciate the extraordinary effort made by the power workers of the province and those who came from the rest of the country.

The recovery includes the telephone lines and the steps taken toward stabilizing the water supply.

Those basic needs are improving together with the cleaning of the city, where millions of tons of debris and trees have been removed from the streets.

Even though the province and the center of the city show a more promising view, there is a negative trace difficult to erase in a brief period and that is the housing infrastructure and other buildings severely damaged by the winds.

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nov 16 2012

Venezuelan Builders Back Recovery Works in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 14 (Prensa Latina) A brigade of 102 Venezuelan builders is working in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba to support the recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy, the national press states today.

Internationalist group leader Jose Luis Sanchez said no country has been a supportive with Venezuela as Cuba, so all members were willing to come and cooperate.

He also showed the group’s arrangement to stay in Cuban territory as long as required, so as to reinforce efforts with even more workers if necessary.

The brigade of builders working in the neighborhood of San Pedrito, was visited by the President of the Provincial Defense Council, Lazaro Exposito, who was interested in the composition of the group and their relationships with the Santiago de Cuba colleagues, Granma newspaper reported.

This initiative adds to the various aircraft aircraft and ships carrying food, water, building materials, and other resources which were sent by Venezuela to help in the recovery.

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nov 14 2012

New York to Request Federal Aid for Storm Damages

Washington, Nov 13 (Prensa Latina) The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, plans to request 30bn worth of Federal aid to recover from Hurricane Sandy, the worst storm ever to hit the country after Katrina in 2005, and whose catastrophic effects the city calculate in more than 50 billion dollars.

A source at the Governor’s office told The New York Times that funds will be invested in repairing bridges, tunnels, subways and buildings and to pay the salaries of law enforcement, firemen and staff who worked additional hours during the storm.

New York was home to 43 of the 113 deaths blamed on the late October meteor and among other consequences, some 125,000 people remain without power, suffering gas rationing at stations, all in the vortex of this crisis.

Obama is expected to visit the Big Apple on Thursday. The President declared the City and Long Island disaster areas through the impact of the hurricane, a measure granting access to extraordinary Federal funds to help these states.

Cuomo said he will submit his request to President Barack Obama next Thursday during his announced visit to take a look at the reconstruction works, the source told The NYT.

The paper reminds that the Congress people from New Jersey, Pensylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia will also request Federal aid for the victims of Sandy in their territories.

In its Northward path, Sandy also caused two deaths in Canada and at least 72 further south in the Caribbean where it also caused massive damage.

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nov 13 2012

Cuba Receives Chinese Donation for Hurricane

Havana, Nov 12 (Prensa Latina) Cuba received a 400,000-USD donation from China as a contribution to recovery efforts in areas hit by Hurricane Sandy, reported an official source.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment, Ileana Nunez, said the donation from the Chinese Executive and people was a sign of solidarity with Cuba in the wake of damages caused by the hurricane.

Sandy hit eastern Cuba on Oct.25 with strong gusts of wind and heavy rain, flooding towns, destroying thousands of houses and killing 11 people.

At a ceremony during which notes signed by Nunez and Chinese Ambassador Zhang Tuo were exchanged, the Cuban official appreciated the donation and said the funds will be allocated to recovery efforts in worst hit provinces.

Nunez also appreciated the solidarity of the Chinese Red Cross, which gave 50,000 USD in cash for similar purpose.

Cuba’s eastern provinces have received shipments with humanitarian assistance from Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Russia, Qatar and the Dominican Republic, among other countries.

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nov 13 2012

UN Requests 39 Million USD for Haiti

Geneva, Nov 12 (Prensa Latina) The UN requested today 39 million USD worth in assistance to fight malnutrition and cover basic needs of over one million victims of Hurricane Sandy in Haiti.

According to a communiqué from the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, some 22 million of that sum will be needed to meet the most urgent needs of Haitians through late 2012.

The call was made by UN Deputy Emergency Coordinator Catherine Braga; Minister Advisor of Haiti’s Permanent Mission to Haiti, Jean-Bony Alexandre, and Deputy Representative of the UN Secretary General to Haiti, Nigel Fisher.

At least 1.5 million people risk food lack of security while two percent of the Haitian children under five risk suffering acute malnutrition.

According to Fisher, who is also humanitarian coordinator for Haiti, the passage of Hurricane Sandy dealt a fierce blow on the country’s reconstruction efforts in the wake of the wake of 2010, making the lives of vulnerable Haitians even more precarious.

Fisher criticized the fall in donors support to Haiti and demanded “urgent funding to meet basic humanitarian needs and recovery efforts in Haiti.”

Hurricane Sandy left 1.80 million victims and caused flood and damages in 18,000 houses, as well as in roads, public buildings, schools and hospitals.

Also today, the UN noted that on Nov.9 Haiti suffered another day of heavy rain not linked to Hurricane Sandy, which left at least 10 deaths and thousands of people displaced.

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nov 12 2012

Second Venezuelan Ship with Aid Arrives in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 11 (Prensa Latina) The second Venezuelan ship carrying aid to mitigate the effects of Hurricane Sandy arrived in this eastern Cuban city, the country´s most affected by Sandy, today.

The T61 ship of the Bolivarian Venezuela Navy docked at Guillermon Moncada port with 449 tons of products and various equipments which will contribute to the recovery of services, construction and restoring of houses that were destroyed in the city.

About 250 tons of materials and machines brought by La Goajira ship were unloaded at Santiago de Cuba´s port last week.

The Bolivarian Navy also brought a divided aid for this eastern Cuban province and for Haiti,also damaged by hurricane Sandy.

About 20 days after the path of the hurricane, Santiago de Cuba city and the provinces municipalities, which were affected by heavy winds, look different as a result of the recovery and cleaning actions that are being undertaken like the restoration of the electric and phone lines.

The province´s Defense Council keeps activated and heads the efforts to return to normal, with the solidarity aid given from abroad.

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nov 12 2012

Floods Kill 16 People in Haiti

Port au Prince, Nov 9 (Prensa Latina) At least 16 people, including three children, were killed by floods in Cap Haitien, the second largest city in Haiti, in the north of the country, official sources reported.

According to the police chief in the city of Cap Haitien, Kenel Pier, the bodies were found by patrols on the streets.

Currently, it is difficult to establish a precise assessment of the number of victims as the city is stricken, said the mayor, Wilborde Beon.

Beon said, before requesting support and solidarity for the tragedy, that the entrance to Cap Haitien is completely flooded and rivers are swollen.

This situation adds to the state of emergency decreted in Haiti since October 30 due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, which forced the government to seek yesterday an sid of $ 39 million USD on the international community to address the humanitarian needs.

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nov 12 2012

CBC Experts Identify Impacts of Hurricane Sandy

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 9 (Prensa Latina) Specialists and authorities involved in the Caribbean Biological Corridor (CBC), an initiative to safeguard nature in the region, are assessing today the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

In remarks to Prensa Latina, CBC Tri-national Office coordinator Nicasio Viñas stated that the loss of plant nurseries is one of the more complex consequences for forest recovery in the area.

He also referred to the damage in the Corridor-related facilities, such as the Thomas Romay Natural History Museum, and headquarters of the Eastern Division of Ecosystems and Dio-diversity, in this city.

That ancient building virtually lost its entire roof but the negative impact was reduced because the valuable biological collections and wildlife treasures had been put in a safe place, Viñas said.

He said the damages in the Dominican Republic and Haiti were caused by heavy rains, floods and tidal waves in the south, as a result of associated weather effects in Sandy’s right quadrant.

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nov 09 2012

UN Gives Aid to Cuba and Haiti for Hurricane Victims

United Nations, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) The Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) of the UN has allocated nine million USD for the victims of Hurricane Sandy in Cuba and Haiti.

As reported by UN official spokesman, Martin Nesirky, these resources come from the central fund for emergency responses.

The decision of sending this amount was adopted by the undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs, Valerie Amos, said the world organizationâ?Ös spokesman to reporters at the UN headquarters in New York.

The natural phenomenon caused more than 60 deaths in the Caribbean, 11 of them in Cuba and 50 in Haiti and 111 in the United States.

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nov 09 2012

Qatar Assists Cuba in the Wake of Hurricane Devastation

Havana, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) A plane from Qatar arrived at Santiago de Cuba with humanitarian assistance as a contribution to recovery efforts in the worst hit eastern province in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

The shipment includes construction materials, medicines, food and tents.

In remarks to journalists, Ambassador of Qatar, Ali Saad Al-Kharji, said that upon knowing the situation in eastern Cuba, the Emir of Qatar gave precise instructions to help the Cuban people as soon as possible.

This is a small token of the solidarity, brotherhood and good relations with Cuba, said the diplomat.

On Oct. 24, Hurricane Sandy hit eastern Cuba, leaving a trail of flood and destruction, including 11 deaths.

Workers countrywide mobilized to worst hit areas to help restore services and reconstruct damaged infrastructure.

Other shipments of humanitarian assistance have been received from Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Russia and the Dominican Republic, among other countries.

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