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dic 07 2012

Philippines: Typhoon Bopha, the Most Destructive this Year

Manila, Dec 7 (Prensa Latina) With 418 dead, nearly 215,000 refugees and five million homeless, the typhoon Bopha is described as the most destructive of the year in the Philippines.

The meteor number 19 of 2012, that hit from Tuesday to Thursay this Asian archipiélago, closed a hurricane season, which lasts from June to November, with rare exceptions.

Authorities declared state of emergency for the provinces of Compostela Valley, Central Davao and Surigao del Sur, all in the southern island of Mindanao.

President Benigno Aquino traveled to Compostela Valler and Davao Central with his ministers of Interior, Defense, Health, Transport, Social Welfare, Communications and Environment, in order to adopt appropriate and recovery measures. Aquino urged his Cabinet to find ways to prevent deaths during the occurrence of natural phenomena. “This is no time to argue, it is to work”, he said to a local TV channel.

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dic 07 2012

Ban Ki-moon Offers Aid to Philippines for Typhoon

United Nations, Dec 6 (Prensa Latina) UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reaffirmed the world body’s willingness to help the Philippines in the wake of damages caused by Typhoon Bopha that hit Mindanao Island on Tuesday.

In a communiqué, the UN chief expressed his sadness for the losses of lives caused by the typhoon, as well as for the damages to houses and infrastructure.

He also recalled this was the second typhoon hitting Mindanao this year.

The UN office for humanitarian affairs coordination made a relief offer to Filipino authorities yesterday.

According to Filipino government sources, main needs are food, water and shelter for the victims.

Fatalities rose to 477 and 250,000 people were displaced by the typhoon; besides, some 400 persons have been declared missing and 294,000 as victims, 250,000 of them taken to shelters.

Bopha hit Mindanao on Tuesday, with heavy rain and gusts of wind of 210 km/h that brought down trees and electric lines and caused massive landslides.

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dic 07 2012

Philippines Typhoon Death Toll Reaches 477

Manila, Dec 6 (Prensa Latina) Philippine authorities counted around 477 deaths and 250,000 people displaced from their homes by Thursday after typhoon Bopha, said to be the worst of the season in the archipelago.

We expect an increase in the number of deaths, because the rescue teams have reported at least 400 missing people in the southern and central areas of the country, said Benito Ramos, director of the Management and Natural-Disaster Risk Reduction Council.

The number of victims reached 294,110, out of which 250,511 are still in 544 shelters, he said.

Philippine Social Welfare and Development Minister Corazon Soliman said the most serious problem is lack of medicines, dry clothes and tents.

Bopha crossed the island of Mindanao at the beginning of this week and devastated entire towns with hurricane winds of 120 kilometers per hour and heavy rains that caused floods and landslides.

The local Administration of Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomic Services said Bopha was the strongest typhoon that has crossed the southern Philippine area in the last 20 years.

The authorities asserted on Thursday that vast southern areas of Mindanao and central Visayas are in a state of emergency, with hundreds of villages flooded and numerous roads blocked by flooding.

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dic 07 2012

State of National Emergency to be Extended in Haiti

Puerto Príncipe, 5 dic (Prensa Latina) The state of national emergency enforced since last octuber in Haiti will be extended until january 5 according to a press release of the Prime Minister Office.

This measure is in order to facilitate the aid actions that are being provided to the most damaged areas of the country where there are more than one million persons suffering severe food insecurity.

Hurricane Sandy caused 54 deaths and serious material damage to road infraestructure and bridges and access to several cities is still interrupted.

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dic 03 2012

Philippines braces for typhoon Bopha

Manila, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) The Philippine government has set aside 42 million pesos (1.02 million U.S. dollars) as standby fund for areas that may be hit by typhoon Bopha (local name Pablo), a senior government official said Monday.

Deputy presidential spokesman Abigail Valte said the amount will be used for relief goods which will be distributed to affected residents.

Valte also said President Benigno Aquino III has called for a meeting in the presidential palace to discuss further preparations for the typhoon.

“The president has given instructions for agencies to submit an inventory of danger areas to be affected by the typhoon,” she said.

Classes in public schools have already been suspended in several provinces in central and southern Philippines as authorities prepare for massive evacuation.

As of 12:00 noon Monday, typhoon Pablo was located at 490 southeast of the town of Hinatuan in the southern Philippine province of Surigao del Sur.

The state weather bureau said the typhoon packs maximum sustained winds of 175 kilometer per hour (kph) near the center and gustiness of up to 210 kph.

The government said 33 provinces in central and southern Philippines will be affected by the storm.

Typhoon Bopha, the 16th storm to enter the Philippines this year, would make a landfall in the southern Philippine province of Surigao del Sur. The storm is feared to be worse than typhoon Washi (local name Sendong) which caused massive destruction in Mindanao in December 2011.

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nov 29 2012

Santiago de Cuba Stands Up Again A Month After the Hurricane

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 26 (Prensa Latina) The strict hygienic measures seen in workplaces and schools of the city to prevent the spread of diseases are now one of the visible signs of the impact of hurricane Sandy last month.

These days it is common to hear among locals the comment they washed their hands or shoes with chlorinated water about 10 times or more according to the number of places they visited after various procedures and activities.

This is because it is inviolable that all institutions put containers at the entrance doors to ensure that people comply with that elementary hygiene requirement.

Following the disaster caused by the storm, epidemics are one of the major dangers and authorities are committed to continue to preserve human lives at all costs.

In other areas, life returns to its normal rhythm, with the services of water, electricity and telephone guaranteed to the vast majority of households, after the huge effort Santiago workers and others who arrived from other provinces have done.

A month after Sandy, the housing situation stands as the biggest problem, derived from the imperative to solve the loss or impairment of more than 171,000 homes and damaged roofs of other buildings.

Meanwhile, procedures for the distribution of building materials are being streamlined neighborhoods, after the identification of households most in need of bank loans, subsidies and bonuses, according to the government’s will.

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nov 29 2012

Cuba to Host Int´l Conference on Impact of Hurricane Sandy

By Martha Cabrales Arias

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 24 (Prensa Latina) The 6th International Conference on the Comprehensive Management of Coastal Areas, Caricostas, to be held here in May, 2013, will discuss the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the coasts, which are the most vulnerable environments to the effects of climate change.

In remarks to Prensa Latina, Dr. Ofelia Perez, Director of the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies on Coastal Areas (Cemzoc) of the University of Oriente, said the event is expected to be a bright opportunity to examine such complex circumstances.

She said experts from Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, Colombia, Uruguay, Spain, France and Brazil have expressed interest in attending the conference, where they will be able to evaluate concrete experiences in the wake of the passage of the devastating hurricane in the region.

The main subject of Caricostas 2013 will be integration for the sustainability of coastal ecosystems against climate change, with aspects including social studies, health and environment, as well as the impact of technology, said Perez.

In the wake of passage of Huricane Sandy on Oct.25, the coast of Santiago de Cuba and the southern coasts of eastern Cuba in general suffered heavy damages, with unprecedented volume of sea water pushed in and other effects that changed the scenery dramatically.

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nov 20 2012

China Sends Aid to Cuba to Support Recovery from Sandy Hurricane

By Ilsa Rodriguez

Beijing, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina) The Chinese government today sent a shipment of humanitarian aid to Cuba to support the recovery efforts of the eastern territories recently hit by Hurricane Sandy.

A representation of official institutions, along with the counselors Tania Velazquez and Sandra Ramos, of the Embassy of Cuba, went to the airport at the time the donation with medicines, blankets and houses campaigns was loaded on a ship of Air China.

Spokesmen consulted by Prensa Latina reported that the shipment of 90 tons, about 400 cubic meters, includes 900 tents, 30 water purifying equipment, 100 power generators, 10,000 blankets and medicines, among others.

The plane left Beijing to the city of Shanghai, where it will complete the shipment to go to Santiago de Cuba.

The aid was preceded by a financial support of $ 400,000 dollars provided in Havana by Ambassador Zhang Tuo to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Ileana Núñez, through an exchange of notes signed by both parties.

Chinese Red Cross also provided $ 50,000 dollars in cash.

Sources of the Cuban Embassy in this capital said Chinese entrepreneurs have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the Caribbean country to mitigate the effects of this phenomenon that caused 11 deaths and damaged more than 130,000 homes in several municipalities of Santiago de Cuba.

When heating Cuba on October with winds of 175 mph, Sandy hurricane toppled trees, electric and telephone poles, affected the crops and structures of education, health, transport, trade, centers production and communications.

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nov 19 2012

Surinamese President Supports Cuba after Sandy

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 18 (Prensa Latina) Surinamese President Desire Delano Bouterse arrived on Sunday in this city, where he expressed solidarity with the people after the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in eastern Cuba.

In brief remarks to the press upon arrival, the president said that he was confident in the rapid recovery from the damage caused by the storm, which hit eastern Cuba on October 25, being Santiago de Cuba as the hardest-hit province.

Cuba has collaborated with everyone, so many countries have been aware of what have happened, and Suriname wants to share a little of what it has at this difficult moment, he said.

Bouterse’s agenda includes a donation to those affected by Sandy, which damaged the housing infrastructure, agriculture and power, and killed 11 people, nine in Santiago de Cuba and two in Guantanamo.

The visiting head of State was welcomed at the Antonio Maceo International Airport by local authorities headed by Lazaro Exposito, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Santiago de Cuba, and Reinaldo Garcia, president of the governing body in the territory.

According to the program, to which Prensa Latina had access, Bouterse’s stay in Santiago de Cuba, 950 kilometers east of Havana, includes a meeting with local authorities, exchanges with Surinamese students and a brief tour of the city, before traveling to the capital.

Cuba and Suriname established diplomatic relations in May 1979, with major emphasis on social sectors.

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nov 18 2012

Uruguayan Workers to Help Recovering Cuba After Sandy

Montevideo, Nov 16 (Prensa Latina) The National Union of Construction and Allied Trades (SUNCA) announced the next shipment of a solidarity brigade of builders to Cuba to contribute to the housing recovery after Hurricane Sandy.

SUNCA national secretary Daniel Diverio told the press that “solidarity is not to say thank you, but reward” and remembered Cuba’s solidarity with the workers and the Uruguayans persecuted by the dictatorship in the 70’s of the last century.

He said the Cuban people’s solidarity with the people of Uruguay allowed that thousands of poor return to restore vision through cataract surgeries at the Jose Marti Ophthalmologic Hospital.

The union leader said the first brigade of 15 builders will travel on Wednesday, November 21, and will run until December 18. He stated that there are some conditions to maintain this solidarity contribution in time, so it is proposed to send brigades every month until May.

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