White Island Volcanic Activity Concerns New Zealan

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Wellington, Jan 22 (Prensa Latina)New Zealand scientists say they are concerned about growing volcanic unrest since 1990 at an active under water volcano.

While visiting White Island experts from the Vulacanologist National Agency found hydrothermal activity had increased.

For that reason they recomend to take all preventive actions in case of and eruption.

The state of unrest at White Island was increasing and past activity indicated that future eruptions could occur with little or no warning,

Seismicity continued to show elevated levels of volcanic tremor, which was likely generated by the processes driving the vigorous hydrothermal activity.

Volcanologists have been warning that New Zealand could be entering a period of increased volcanic activity.

In the native language of the island the volcano carries the name of Whakari or Dramático and according to geological estimates it is 200 thousand years old.