Climate Change Leaves Vietnam With Billions in Losses

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Hanoi, Jan 15 (Prensa Latina) Climate change problems, prioritized by Vietnam, cause about $14 billion USD in annual losses, according to a study carried out by an international organization and released in this capital today.

The on-line Saigon Liberation daily released the results of a climate change study carried out by the Madrid based DARA International, an organization specializing in research on environmental monitoring.

The report indicates that climate change causes five percent losses of Vietnam’s GDP every year, and predicts that this could increase to 11 percent by 2030, which would mean $165 billion USD.

Climate change and its corollary of flooding, landslides, and unstable temperatures cause notable damage every year, chiefly to the fishing and
agricultural sectors.

The Dara report considers that the most significant global impact can be seen in loss of labor productivity due to stressful heat, and regarding to Vietnam it represented a 4 percent drag on the GDP in 2010.

Vietnam has assigned substantial funds to mitigate the effects of climate change through implementation of a national strategic program adopted in 2012, which takes into account the wide range of vulnerabilities and reduction of pollutant emissions.

The DARA International report is considered to be one of the best overall assessments of the impact of climate change on human and economic development in 184 countries around the world.