Pollution Keeps Hazardous Levels in Beijing

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Beijing, Jan 14 (Prensa Latina) The dangerous levels of pollution that persist today in the Chinese capital have reduced the presence of passers-by in the streets and disappearance in pharmacies and markets of personal breathing masks amid a toxic fog.

At a price equivalent to about five dollars, the masks were sold in the city’s business, while many people went to the shops to buy air purifiers, at a cost ranging from 450 to almost $ 800, with the intention to breathe easier in their homes.

Online sales of these devices grew 16 percent compared with 2012, according to reports offered by Taobao, one of the most important virtual chain in the country, which also reported the sale of two days of nearly 7,000 masks.

Meanwhile, authorities reported the adoption of emergency measures in response to the high levels of particles PM2, 5 in the air of the city, which yesterday reached 500 per cubic meter, of the 35 allowable, on the third day of heavy fog.

These abnormal conditions have increased the number of patients with respiratory diseases in general and children’s hospitals in Beijing.