Dangerous Pollution Levels in Beijing

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Beijing, Jan 13 (Prensa Latina) Pollution in Beijing, the capital of China, kept dangerous levels for the third consecutive day, with heavy for and air pollution ranks, reaching a high PM2.5 concentration, according to official reports.

The monitoring center said the PM2.5 reading of pollution particles reached more than 700 micrograms per square meter, and in several places, it increased to 993, when the normal reading is 35 micrograms per square meter.

Experts told reporters that these data show extreme levels of pollution, and the situation might spread up to next Wednesday.

Authorities decreed the orange alert on Sunday, due to poor visibility caused by the fog, recommending people not to leave their homes.

The newspaper China Daily reported that filghts from and to the airports of Beijing, Hebei, Hunan, Zhejian and others, had been affected because visibility was reduced to 100 meters.

Until 11:00 hours, local time (19:00 GMT), ten flights had been cancelled in Beijing and five others were delayed for one hour.