Cosmic Radiation Favors Alzheimer’s Development

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Washington, Jan 3 (Prensa Latina) Cosmic radiation, which comes from stars and distant galaxies, favors the development of Alzheimer”s disease, highlights an article released in the latest issue of the magazine Plus One.

This type of radiation is a threat to future astronauts, and may increase risks for health, such as cancer, something already well known, say the authors of the study, from the University of Rochester, USA.

However, this new study shows, for the first time, that an equivalent amount of cosmic radiation equivalent to that received during a trip to Mars would cause cognitive problems and rapid brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease, they say.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers used laboratory mice. Those who received a greater amount of this radiation presented more difficulty performing certain tasks involving mental agility.

The brains of the animals also show signs of vascular changes and a larger accumulation of the protein beta-amyloid, one of the molecular “marks” of Alzheimer, says the report.