Beijing Suffers One of its Worst Winters in New Year

Beijing, Jan 3 (Prensa Latina) The first days of 2013 in the Chinese capital have gone down in municipal records as one of the coldest New Years on record, with the record-breaking cold expected to last 48 hours more.

Low temperatures forced weather observers to issue a yellow alert after thermometers registered minus 14 Celsius on Tuesday, approaching the extreme record of minus 16 degrees Celsius.

These harsh winter conditions in the first days of 2013 have spread to China’s central and southern regions, threatened by further snowfall and freezing rain in coming days.

In northern regions such as the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, temperatures dropped to minus 40 degrees Celsius with snow on ground piling up to 50 centimeters in some areas of the Greater Hinggan Mountains.

Experts from the National Weather Center noted that the extreme cold is caused by the reduction of Arctic ice as a consequence of global warming, a situation that pushes cold air southward.