Paraguay: Epidemiological Dengue Alert Declared in Asuncion

Asuncion, Dec 27 (Prensa Latina) The capital of Paraguay awoke today to an epidemiological alert declared by the Municipal Board due to the increase of dengue cases this year that has so far resulted in more than 30,000 infections and 70 deaths.

The Board’s resolution was recorded after health authorities expressed fears about the current situation and even confirmed the posibility of starting the new year with a major dengue epidemic and high number of deaths.

The emergency declaration was accompanied by orders that, during the next 60 days, will intensify in neighborhoods and homes in Asuncion, extending to the entire Central Department.

Judicial orders now allow municipal brigades to intervene in vacant lots and land without permission of the owners, imposing fees for work performed in the absence of action by those owners.

Health Minister Antonio Arbo, expressed his serious concern about the spread of dengue and noted that, day by day, more diagnosed positive cases which require hospitalization are reported.

He added that during the holidays there were recorded outbreaks in the slums of San Pablo and Jara, Loque, Costa Sosa and a quarter of Asuncion, according to latest statistics.

Numerous criticisms of deficiencies by municipalities in garbage collection and cleanup in the nation’s capital, which joined to the ministry described a lack of popular cooperation.

Mosquitoes propagate dengue at this time of year with the start of summer as temperatures reach more than 40 degrees Celsius, sparking fear among citizens.