New Community Inaugurated for Victims of Sandy

By: Hector Carballo Hechavarria


Santa Lucia, Rafael Freyre, Holguin, Dec 27 (Juventud Rebelde) The Armando Mestre Martinez community was inaugurated here yesterday with the delivery of 49 new homes for as many families, among the thousands that completely lost theirs to Hurricane Sandy in this province, only two months into the recovery effort.

Erected from adapting a disused facility, about 158 people, mostly women and children, live together in this community, which has, in addition to basic electricity services, an extensive network of paved streets and roads, parks and gardens.

Young Adisbel Rodriguez, a housewife aged 19 and her husband Yoan Baez, self-employed, with her three young children were among the beneficiaries of these houses, in general, better constructions than those they had and able withstand intense weather events.

The handing over, celebrated with a simple public ceremony in the municipal seat, was chaired by Jorge Cuevas Ramos, first secretary of the party in the province, and Sucel Téllez Tamayo, president of the People’s Power, among other local authorities.

According to reports, the outlook for more housing development will continue in this same area during the coming year, with the construction of a hundred dwellings, for which the earthmoving work has already been completed.

Archi Lan Ayala, vice president of the Council for construction of the provincial administration, told reporters that of the more than 64,000 homes registered with damage by Sandy of different magnitudes, 13,145 homes have been recovered so far, representing 20.3 percent of that total.

According to the same source, by the end of this year the province of Holguín will have completed about 2,200 houses, of which, around 1,200 will favor, particularly, those affected by the meteorological events.

Translated by ESTI