Intensive Anti Dengue Campaign in Nicaragua, Two Dead Reported

Managua, Dec 13 (Prensa Latina) More than 4.9 billion dengue cases were reported in Nicaragua in 2012, and two children died due to that scourge, but the country contained the rapid spread of the infection, said national Epidemiology director Carlos Saenz.

Periodic fumigations, the destruction of Aedes Aegypti mosquito breeders, the transmitter of the decease, the control of the water reservoirs, as well as other preventive measures, prevented the situation from being worse, said the expert.

The American continent reports more than one million people affected by dengue this year, with about 500 dead, and Central America, where is located Nicaragua, chiefly registers increases, noted doctor Saenz.

Neighbouring countries like El Salvador and Honduras have declared state of emergency due to the dengue outbreak, said the expert, who called the population to cooperate with the preventive work and go to medical centers in case of any symptom of the virus.

Nicaragua reports 4.971 cases so far this year, a double figure compared to 2011, though lower compared to 2010, considered an epidemic year in the region, said the Health representative in a statement to Television channel 4.