Contradictory Report on Risks in Japanese Nuclear Plant

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Tokyo, Dec 13 (Prensa Latina) The Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority is investigating a contradictory report referred to the possibility of active tectonic faults under the plant in Higashidori, Aomori prefecture, Japan.

The official of the governmental body, Kunihiko Shimazaki, informed that several experts will conduct the two-day inspection.

The neighbors of the plant informed about cracks up to 90 inches wide in the southern part of the reactor complex.

Representatives of the Tohoku Electric Power Company, operator of the plant in Higashidori, claimed that the earthmoving was originated by the water absorption of the soil layers and not as a result of seismic activity.

Specialists of the Nuclear Regulation Authority doubt about the reliability of that statement considering it is full of contradictions and require more data.

The Government undertakes an investigation into the 54 nuclear plants in the country, after finding violations of safety standards that caused the Fukushima accident, which, 21 months later is still a cause of fear among citizens.