Chinese Officials Fired for Violating Ethical Standards

Beijing, Dec 8 (Prensa Latina) Three Chinese officials were removed from office for testing genetically modified rice in a school canteen without previously informing children, parents, teachers and other proper authorities, local media reported today.

Those dismissed were identified by the state news agency Xinhua as Yin Shian, from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Yuming Hu, a member of the Communist Party leadership in Hunan province, and Wang Yin, a specialist from the Zhejiang Medical Sciences Academy.

The use of genetically modified rice in children’s diet in a school in the central province of Hunan was part of a research project between China and the United States.

The dismissal of the three officials from office was decided as punishment because they did not inform the aforementioned people that the type of rice supplied to minors was genetically modified.

The trouble broke out in August, when the environmental group Greenpeace revealed that the U.S. Department of Agriculture was backing an experiment in which 25 Chinese children between six and eight years old, received the so-called “golden rice” in their school diet.

This is a new type of rice containing beta carotene, which is a chemical that helps to supplement vitamin A deficiencies.