Ban Ki-moon Offers Aid to Philippines for Typhoon

United Nations, Dec 6 (Prensa Latina) UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reaffirmed the world body’s willingness to help the Philippines in the wake of damages caused by Typhoon Bopha that hit Mindanao Island on Tuesday.

In a communiqué, the UN chief expressed his sadness for the losses of lives caused by the typhoon, as well as for the damages to houses and infrastructure.

He also recalled this was the second typhoon hitting Mindanao this year.

The UN office for humanitarian affairs coordination made a relief offer to Filipino authorities yesterday.

According to Filipino government sources, main needs are food, water and shelter for the victims.

Fatalities rose to 477 and 250,000 people were displaced by the typhoon; besides, some 400 persons have been declared missing and 294,000 as victims, 250,000 of them taken to shelters.

Bopha hit Mindanao on Tuesday, with heavy rain and gusts of wind of 210 km/h that brought down trees and electric lines and caused massive landslides.