Santiago de Cuba Stands Up Again A Month After the Hurricane

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 26 (Prensa Latina) The strict hygienic measures seen in workplaces and schools of the city to prevent the spread of diseases are now one of the visible signs of the impact of hurricane Sandy last month.

These days it is common to hear among locals the comment they washed their hands or shoes with chlorinated water about 10 times or more according to the number of places they visited after various procedures and activities.

This is because it is inviolable that all institutions put containers at the entrance doors to ensure that people comply with that elementary hygiene requirement.

Following the disaster caused by the storm, epidemics are one of the major dangers and authorities are committed to continue to preserve human lives at all costs.

In other areas, life returns to its normal rhythm, with the services of water, electricity and telephone guaranteed to the vast majority of households, after the huge effort Santiago workers and others who arrived from other provinces have done.

A month after Sandy, the housing situation stands as the biggest problem, derived from the imperative to solve the loss or impairment of more than 171,000 homes and damaged roofs of other buildings.

Meanwhile, procedures for the distribution of building materials are being streamlined neighborhoods, after the identification of households most in need of bank loans, subsidies and bonuses, according to the government’s will.