Cuba Ensures Drinking Water despite Urban Population Growth

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Havana, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) Cuba, a small country with limited water resources, has taken on the challenge of providing drinking water to a growing urban population.

Water availability and sanitation are priorities here, so the country´s strategies are aimed at ensuring higher quality and better distribution, said Jose Juan Ortiz, representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund in Havana.

“The UN is satisfied with its joint work with Cuba to ensure access to drinking water,” the UN official said on Tuesday, which is World Water Day.

This year, the date focuses attention on the impact of rapid urban population growth, industrialization and uncertainties caused by climate change.

This year´s theme, “Water for cities, responding to the urban challenge,” urged governments, institutions and people in general to respond to that challenge.

In Cuba, the challenge of urban growth and ensuring drinking water forthe population is a priority.

The urban system has over 17,000 kilometers (10.6 miles) of pipes and over 3,000 pumping systems, and vulnerable aspects such as low hydraulic efficiency due to water loss and the poor state of networks are yet to be resolved.

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