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6 mayo 2010

Chernobyl children

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Irene Izquierdo, 27 March 2010, Tribuna de la Habana.

Some define Chernobyl as a shadow that haunts Ukrainians. People who were affected by radiation in their childhood see the effects of the accident reappear in their children, who now suffer from a variety of conditions. People cared for during the past twenty years or who are being cared for at present, come back to find relief for their offspring.
For some twenty thousand mothers from that European country, the Cuban Program of Medical Care to Chernobyl Children is written in golden letters in the history of mankind. Based on the humanitarian vocation of this Island, it was Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro who fostered the idea that many children for whom there were no treatment options according to some doctors, be welcomed here.

On 29 March 1990 he personally welcomed at José Martí International Airport the first group of children, who immediately received medical care at the Institute of Hematology and the Oncology Service at Juan Manuel Márquez pediatric hospital. Some days later Cuban children gave up a section of their pioneer city in Tarará so that a team of doctors, specialists, nurses and the personnel indispensable to provide a treatment of excellence, would strive to save the lives of little ones who had one way or another been affected by the biggest nuclear accident in history, which had taken place at the end of April 1986.

An unequalled humanitarian program started to take shape and grow. For twenty years, even when economic conditions were at their harshest, Cuba has financed and provided specialized medical care capable of bringing health and a fuller life back to children like Pavel, Zoja, Ekaterina, Roman, Stephania, Sofia and so many others in a list of over 24 thousand children and adults.

Any of the persons who had the privilege of starting this program – not only the team in Tarará, but in many other hospitals in the city – may speak about the work done in two decades, and about reciprocal love when seeing pain turn into joy.

Doctor Arístides Cintra Rivero, Head of Pediatric Services at the medical center, located east of the Cuban capital, explains that care is divided into four groups, following the structure applied in Ukraine.

Patients with invalidating, oncohematological diseases who require complex surgical treatment are in the first group. The second group is for patients suffering from any condition not included in the former group. Those with conditions that may be treated on an outpatient basis are in the third group. They are not hospitalized, but treated at their own homes. And the fourth group is for seemingly healthy patients undergoing a medical checkup.

What health care actions are performed at the facility? Upon arriving, all patients undergo a thorough medical examination and their clinical records are prepared. Dispensarization is carried out during the first week.

Great rigor and ethics characterize both laboratory testing and the determination of the procedure to be applied, in accordance with the condition of each patient.
Both integral medical care and rehabilitation are available. A crucial role is played by psychologists, translators and organizers of leisure activities to supplement specialized medical care procedures.

The celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Cuban Program for the Medical Care of Chernobyl Children started a few days ago in Tarará City. An international conference on nuclear accidents and disasters, radiological and biological protection and the organization of health programs for communities affected by disasters, will be held from 30 March to 1 April.

Once again, visitors will have a chance to see how much is done for human beings, especially for children in need of care, irrespective of their economic resources or their lineage, for what really counts is health, a gift as valuable as life itself.

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